Szolnok, 5000 Tiszaligeti sétány      tel.: 56/379-701  fax: 56/513-785

LIGET - Thermal Spa and Experience Bath

Szolnok is situated at confluence of the Rivers Tisza and Zagyva, about 100 km from Budapest. The water and medicinal water always determined the life of the city. The Tiszaliget Thermal Spa and Experience Bath was built in the 1960s in the most beautiful part of Szolnok, near inner city but separate area, which is rich in trees and parks.

Description of the current situation:
Currently the spa is seasonally operated for three months. Within the framework of an investment of more than 500 million HUF the dressing-rooms, washrooms were renovated. The thermal basins were covered by new glazed tile, their water is under certification process for becoming medicinal water. Neck and waist massage machines were installed. The swimming and children pool were renovated. The splashing basin was changed to experience one. Twisting corridor, water mushroom, neck-and back massage machines, bubble air were installed. The experience basin is connected with the slide park through a plashing pool, which is the newest pride of the spa. Three kamikazes with various inclination, the traditional twisting slide of 120 m, the „black hole”, the smaller slides built to younger visitors, the family slide give such experience, which can fill in the whole day of the visitor. Who likes calm, can soak in the thermal water pools, can row in the lake and can swim in the basin of 50 m with stretched water surface. On the outdoor stage various programmes make "monotony" colourful. Playing yard, swimming pool valley- ball, foot tennis and basket- ball are available.

Development purposes, goals:
Season is worth to extend to 12 months and winter bathing units will have to built for this purpose. A design has been made, which covers a covered experience bath with slides, thermal pools and the connected dressing-rooms, washrooms and also a wellness unit of about 1000 m2 . To ensure water sports of Szolnok city the design also covers a covered basin of 50x25 m connected to the experience pool, but working separate, together with a visitor capacity of about 600.The area is available. Hotels and campsites connected to it can be built and private investors can join the investment. The area available is about 12 ha together with the entire spa.
Designs are frame ones, need detailed working out.